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Since 1986 Penkridge has been twinned with Ablon-sur-Seine, a small suburban town on the southern outskirts of Paris, close to Orly Airport, and on the banks of the famous river.  We are a family twinning association.  Some Penkridge families have been twinned with their Ablon counterparts for many years, and many close friendships have resulted.

The choice of Ablon was made carefully.  While it feels like a small French town, it has the obvious attraction of being only twenty minutes from the centre of Paris, one of the most popular capital cities in the world.  Many other attractive parts of France are within easy striking distance – Versailles to the west, Fontainebleau to the east, Rheims and champagne country to the north, Sancerre and the Loire valley vineyards to the south.

Every other year we welcome our French visitors into our homes for a fun-packed, sociable and very enjoyable weekend. Visits typically last from Friday to Monday or Tuesday. Some of this time is spent with the English hosts entertaining their French friends “en famille”, among their own family and friends, and some at organised activities to bring the whole group, English and French, together in a relaxed social setting.

In the years when the French do not come here, we visit Ablon, and on these occasions our hosting efforts are handsomely repaid with warm and generous French hospitality and friendship.

Twinning gives you the fun of hosting someone from another country in your own home, and the opportunity of experiencing French social, cultural and domestic life at close quarters.

If you would like to know more then contact Paul on 07528 668804 or Barbara on 07817 430925.
We would love to hear from you.

Latest news

18th May 2018

Penkridge Twinning Association has been in existence since 1986 and is a bond of fraternity between the residents Albon Sur Seine and Penkridge.

Each alternate year, Penkridge hosts our French visitors and on Friday 18th May 2018 we welcomed 28 guests.  They arrived late in the evening and after being welcomed at Birmingham Airport they were driven back to Penkridge where they were met by the families with whom they were staying and given supper.

This was the summer people will remember for the weather.  The weather all weekend was glorious and we also had the Royal Wedding to celebrate on the Saturday.

Saturday was a free day for the guests to spend with their families.   Firstly, they had a walk around Penkridge visiting St Michael’s Church, the gaol and stocks, the river and other interesting sites around the village.  Families and their guests were also taken to Attingham Park, Wedgewood, Shugborough, Cosford Air Museum and Ironbridge.

The day ended with a lovely meal and disco at the Haling Dene Centre, with everyone sharing memories of their various outings that day. Gifts were exchanged, and we were presented with a very thoughtful gift from our French visitors in the form of a commemoration plaque listing the names of those men who lost their lives in the 1st World War from both Penkridge and Ablon and a 1st World War shell case

There was no lie-in on the Sunday as a full day visit was planned to Warwick Castle which, ironically, was built by the French!  Nonetheless, it is a beautiful castle with its ramparts and dungeons and state rooms.  Attractions included the Birds of Prey display, the mighty Trebuchet and the Archery.  It was a really great experience enjoyed by young and old alike.  Again, we had wall to wall sunshine.

We arrived back to Penkridge around 6 p.m. where most families made the most of the weather and barbeques were the order of the day – steak, sausage, burgers, salads and the odd glass of wine and our guests did not seem to mind our Californian wines.

Our guests returned home on Monday lunchtime but not before they enjoyed another wander around the village, along the canal and a short barge trip from one lock to the next in Penkridge.

So, friendships have been made; friendships have been renewed and memories made that will last a lifetime.

In May 2019 it will be the turn of the Penkridge Twinning members to make their way over to Ablon Sur Seine.

If this sounds interesting

Please contact The Parish Council and they will direct you to members of the twinning

3rd January 2017

To all our friends in Ablon-sur-Seine we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017.

“Bonne Année 2017” from all your friends in Penkridge Twinning.

20th May 2016

From the 13th to16th May 2016 we hosted 20 members of Ablon-sur-Seine Twinning Association, who came to celebrate with us the 30th Anniversary of our Association.
They arrived on Friday evening and went home with their hosts.  Daytime Saturday was a free day and Saturday evening we enjoyed a dinner disco held at the Haling Dene with guests of honour the Mayor of Ablon and Councillor C. Stonehouse, Chairman of Penkridge Parish Council.
On the Sunday we visited Stratford-upon-Avon and went to Shakespeare’s birth place.
On the Monday, after a morning spent taking in the sights of Penkridge they returned home after lunch.
A most enjoyable weekend was spent by all.
Anyone living in Penkridge or close by, if you would be interested in joining our Association we will be very happy to give you all the details, we are looking for new members.

Thank you.