Burial Ground

Penkridge Parish Council is responsible for the management of the Pinfold Lane Burial Ground.  We aim to provide a quality, caring service and maintain an attractive Burial Ground for people of all different religions and cultural backgrounds.

The Parish Council is based at the Haling Dene Centre in Penkridge and we have professional staff sympathetic to the needs of the bereaved.  We are responsible for the day to day contact with Funeral Directors and members of the public.  In most cases, funerals are organised by Funeral Directors, however families may make arrangements themselves and deal directly with us.

Please note that we will charge premium fees to families of non-residents of Penkridge Parish who wish for their relatives to be interred at Pinfold Lane Burial Ground.  For the Council’s Rules and Regulations and Table of Fees please see below or contact the Haling Dene Centre

Penkridge Parish Council is a corporate member of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM).

The burial records and registers for the Burial Ground are held at the Parish Council offices.  If you wish to view these records then please contact us in advance in order to make an appointment.  The office is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, but closed during weekends and public holidays.

Burial Ground
Penkridge Burial Ground, Pinfold Lane, Penkridge, Staffs, ST19 5QP

Link to Burial Ground Rules and Regulations

Table of Fees and Charges applicable from 1st April 2023

Burial Fees
Exclusive Rights of Burial for a 50 year lease
[Adult or  Child]
Price – First Interment   
Price – Second Interment            
Price – Third Interment  
Exclusive Rights of Burial 30 year extension  
Foetus Interment
Infants 0 – 1 year inclusive
Interment of Ashes Fees
Strewing of Cremated Remains
Exclusive Rights For the Interment of Ashes for a 50 year lease [Inc First Interment]   
Price – for Each Interment of Ashes

Exclusive Rights of Interment of Ashes for a 30 year extension

Memorial Plaques
Price for Memorial Plaque,
First 10 Year Lease & First 4 Line Inscription

Additional lines inscribed on a Plaque [Upto a maximum of 8 lines] each line


Additional Inscription


Plaque Lease for Each Additional 10 Years

Out of Hours Fee – Monday to Friday [Before 10.00 am & After 3.00 pm] 
Bank Holidays and Saturdays  
Permit Fee to carryout Renovation Work 
Permit Fee to carryout Additional Inscription
Interment of Oversize Coffin
Replacement Copy Grave Deed
Search of Burial Register
Assignment of ERoB

Penkridge Parish Council, Haling Dene Centre, Cannock Road, Penkridge, Stafford, Staffordshire

Tel: 01785 714 157 Fax: 01785 714 744

Please note that VAT is to be added to items marked with *

All the above Fees/Charges apply to residents of Penkridge Parish.
Fees/Charges are tripled for anyone outside of the Parish
All Fees and Charges are subject to change at the discretion of Penkridge Parish Council